About Me

Who is Steve Gunderson?

I have lived, worked and played in Libby since 1969 and graduated from Libby Senior High School in 1975.

I joined the Libby unit of the Army National Guard in 1978. I married Cherie Lawson in 1979 moving to Tioga ND  to work in the Williston Basin oilfield. I transferred to the ND Guard unit in  Williston  attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant as a Combat Engineer. As a senior NCO my duties  included Squad Leader and a Company level trainer.


Soon after the birth of Dustin in Minot, we moved our family back to Libby to manage a new family business in 1983 where we have resided since and our second son,  Jason, was born. Our  family was active in school sports and the Scouting program. Proudly, both our boys  attained the rank of   Eagle Scout.  I  continue  to donate time to the Scouting program.



Cherie and I have been members and  business supporters of the NRA for many, many years. We both value and respect the 2nd Amendment. Cherie is a working partner in our businesses as well a being a board member and treasurer for the Church of God. I have deep  Christian  beliefs. My parents raised me to respect God, Country,  Flag and my fellow man. My conservative values have not changed growing up as I have always found that my roots were in Montana, no matter where I was forced  to work.



Libby and Troy deserve representation from a legislator with  actual  local level leadership     experience and a   willingness to serve. We need   representation from a lifelong member of the community that is not a career politician, but someone close to the issues that     continue to plague our local   economy. Libby and Troy have unique  issues    that     will       require      a    businessman’s   perspective to address and fix. That someone, needs to have a blend of experience,  tech-savvy,  personality, level headed  perseverance and common sense  decision making. We need someone that is able to step up and make the hard decisions in Helena. Some of those decisions will be YES, some decisions will require just  saying NO!


We need to stop the exportation of our  greatest local resource; our youth, we need good paying family wage jobs.  Libby needs  the return of our     historic   natural     resource   extraction heritage and the  good  family wage jobs they bring.  I believe we need to return to the values we once held and have strayed away from. We need to return to following the Constitution. The Constitution is NOT  broken, it needs to be dusted off and actually used. We need to follow what the document says, NOT  change it!